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Corporate Christmas party ideas

Organising the work Christmas party is not an easy task. There can be a lot of different type of people to try to cater for. Will Kim from sales be keen on the same sort of party as Chris from reception? How on earth can you keep everyone happy? We’ve come up with... read more

School Fete and Carnival Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with the good old face painter or the balloon animal artist, but if you want to set your fete, school carnival or even kid’s birthday party apart from the rest, take a look at what we can do for you at Vivid Media. We are event hire... read more

JDRF Nuit Blanche Gala Ball

The JDRF Nuit Blanche Gala Ball was a fantastic night of a gathering of friends who are changing the world. Such a great cause, which is in great need of support. We thank JDRF for having Vivid Media amongst all the glamour and fun of this elegant and special event.... read more

Wow Your Guests with These Event Technology Trends

These days, our guests are tech savvy, mobile addicted and craving real time experiences, so it’s a real challenge for event organisers to really wow them. To do that, you’ll need to embrace technology. Think live streaming, holograms, digital check-in and ipads for... read more

Party Themes

Seventies party – been there. Toga party – done that. If you’re after some fresh theme ideas for your next party, here are some of our new faves that will test your guests’ imaginations and inspire some of the best party pics ever. Coz, let’s face it, at party without... read more

Innovative Social Media Photo Booth in Perth

Vivid Media is helping to evolve Social Events from being ordinary to extraordinary! Vivid Media are Entertainment Specialists within the Party hire sector providing unique Social Photo Booths and Interactive products to Perth. Your event is as unique as you are. With... read more

Sandalford Wine Function

Vivid Media spent a fantastic night with the Staff or Sandalford Wines at the Vines Resort for their Christmas function. With the InstaCam photo Booth proving very popular and fun. read more

Giant Event for Hollywood Private Hospital

When Hollywood Private Hospital called us to fit the bill for something different at their next event…we filled that order with the Graffiti Wall, a giant photo booth with a twist!! The Graffiti Wall was a showstopper and nothing but Interactive fun at the UWA... read more

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

If you are tired of going to the same type of Christmas Parties year in year out and want to make yours that little bit different, why not add some interactive products to engage and captivate your guests. Vivid Media offers a range of unique party hire interactive... read more

Advantages of Social Media Photo Booth

Connect with amazing people, have fun, interact with them, create wonderful memories you can experience all that and lots more with just a photo booth! A photo booth is not just a mere entertainment tool it’s a treasure trove that has galore of fun and lots of... read more

Great Fete / Carnival Games Ideas

Shooting Gallery This is a very simple, yet effective carnival game attracts the children in droves. We had it at 50c for 6 shots using a Nerf Strike Elite strong arm Gun and players had to hit down 4 targets to win a prize. It was a complete success and had kids... read more

Privileges attached with Party Booth Hire for Weddings

You will surely go crazy, go mad and will enjoy the moment to the fullest with a photo booth. Why? Because a photobooth can do what, no magic and no tricks can do, it can freeze those moments of ecstasy and joy! If you have been looking for the best party booth to... read more

The Top Photo Booths in Perth

These days a photo booth is a common addition to a wedding or event, but it is hard to find one that is different. But you need look no further; we have compiled a list of the top Photo Booths options available in Perth. Instacam The InstaCam Photo Booth is the newest... read more

The Best Party Booth Hire Perth

The InstaCam #hashtag Photo Booth brings your favorite app (Instagram) to life-size photo booth proportions. The Instacam is a hybrid of photo booth technology and social media. This Photo Booth gives you all the benefits of a normal photo booth, but with the added... read more

Office Party Entertainment

InstaCam Hashtag Photo Booth The Instacam Hashtag photo booth provides an event experience like no other. You get the traditional photo Booth experience, plus a print that looks exactly like an Instagram post that can be customized, with the ability to take photos and... read more


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